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Why create a course?

Do you have an idea for a short course?

Do you have a desire to share what you are passionate about?

Do you have something really special to offer?

Feeling overwhelmed by the process?

Not sure where to start?

Stop watching other people create their courses, wishing you could do the same. You can. I'm giving you the template and the system to get that course from your head to the web.

By the end of this course you will have a LIVE fully functioning course! We will go through it all. How you get it idea from you head, onto a page, create the plan. Then we will action the plan and launch that course online.

There is a video, information and worksheet for each step. It requires you to do some work. This course isn't going to write itself. I do promise you it will be as easy as it can be. This system is complete scalable. You will use this for every course you create moving forward.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Start here
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    • Hello
    • Welcome
  • 02
    Step one
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    • Identify the why
    • Goals and outcomes
    • Step one & three template
  • 03
    Step two
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    • The steps, the what, the content
    • Identify the steps
    • Step two template (1)
    • Step two template (2)
    • The importance of learning styles
  • 04
    Step three
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    • Course type, duration and name
    • Finding the name, duration and type
    • Step three template
    • Course type, duration and name
  • 05
    Step four
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    • Action toolkit
    • Time to action the plan
  • 06
    Step five
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    • How to write the sales page

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