Oh hey there! Welcome to the Short Course Collective.  Short courses for women with visual brands


If you have a business with personality that uses pictures, videos, and visual representations to sell an idea or story around a product or service, you have a visual brand. 

We take a few things pretty seriously

1   Helping women to grow their visual brands
2   Providing skills and knowledge in a supportive way
Creating social learning environments free of fear marketing to share real stories 

Here you will find short courses for women by women. Our experts have been curated to ensure the best learning outcomes for you

We put our experts through their paces. We teach them how to teach you to maintain a quality learning experience

Founded by Emma Lee, combining her her passion and skills for learning. She has 10 years experience working in Adult Education and is using her knowledge to help people create content that teaches

You spend so much time learning how to do stuff. Want to know the secret to learning more in less time?

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